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Monochrome Madness – Nursery and Baby Fashion Inspiration

We love a bit of monochrome at Baba+Boo HQ. Something about black and white that oozes simplicity and style. We’ve seen some cool bits and bobs over on Instagram over the past week and thought you might like a peek too.   All these goodies are available from these lovely stockists – us included *winks* […]

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Mother’s Day Competition – Win a Baba+Boo Cloth Nappy Of Your Choice

In celebration of Mother’s day we want to give you the chance to win a nappy of your choice. Simply scroll down and complete the gleam entry form… Good luck!!   Win a cloth nappy of your choice

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Using Cloth Nappies At Night

Even when you’re really confident using cloth nappies, it can seem like another leap when you think about using them at night. The truth is, you’ve spent goodness knows how long having your sleep interrupted by your little treasure and you most certainly do not want to throw something different into the mix that could disturb […]

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Cloth Nappy Tips – Stains

 Nature is wonderful for your cloth nappies. There is nothing better than the seasonal weather to help with any cloth nappy stains you want to get rid of.

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#StyleMyNappy Inspiration – Style Your Cloth Nappies

As we have now launched our new cloth nappy collection (woohoo), we thought we’d do a series of style boards based around these. First up is our ‘Go Bananas’ print which is proving extremely popular. We’ve teamed this with a couple of items from Shirtcity.co.uk because let’s face it, they’re pretty cool! What do you […]

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Following the Crowd

I have come up against a few people that have questioned why I use cloth nappies, often approaching the question with their scrunched up faces and looks of horror. I used to get upset by the haters but I soon learned to follow my dad’s advice of old, remembering his wise words “don’t follow the […]

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Washing Cloth Nappies

  This is a question I see frequently on the forums and social media.  There is so much conflicting information on this subject, it’s no wonder people are confused!  So here you go, I’m going to simplify it for you in this post. The general guidelines for washing cloth nappies are that you follow the […]

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Goodbye and thank you. We are sad to see you go…

Back in 2009 we ordered our first box of nappies. It was made up of our cute little animal print nappies. And you all loved them. Which we were so grateful for. So we ordered more. And because of you fabulous lot loving our nappies, we were soon able to start designing our own exclusive […]

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Style Board – Little Ray of Sunshine

Togs for your baba that just speak sunshine. Which is exactly what they are.   sunshine girl’s summer dress by wild things funky little dresses |… notonthehighstreet.com Grey Organic Cotton Bandana Bib babaandboo.com Oh Baby London Sun Tee kynaboutique.co.uk Duckegg Blue Reusable Cloth Nappy babaandboo.com Yellow Reusable Cloth Nappy babaandboo.com Teal Organic Cotton Bandana Dribble Bib […]

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Baba+Boo Brochures – Now Served With A Cuppa + Biscuits

If you order our brochure, we would like to send it with some ‘me time’. We are not magicians and cannot do that, so we are sending a cuppa and a couple of biscuits instead. Make sure you get that 10 minutes peace to have a browse and enjoy that cuppa and biscuits – it’s […]

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